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Harsh shifting on Toyota RAV automatic transmission and problem repair

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If you own a 2001, 2002 or 2003 Toyota RAV4 vehicle and you are having problems with the automatic transmission, which symptoms are harsh shifting, loss of power, launching on second or third gear and/or hard engagement when it is put in reverse, then you should know that those problems are caused by a defective engine computer, which also controls the automatic transmission.

These problems are erratic and may only show at intermittent intervals or when the vehicle is warm or have been driven for a specific time. Sometimes it happens one day and the next morning it does not show.

When the computer (ecm or ecu) is defective, it will …read full article

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Disposable 2001-2003 Rav4 ECM/ECU by Epoxy

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Dear readers,

Many of you might already know about the problem that is affecting the Toyota Rav4 from 2001, 2002 and 2003 year models.

You might also know that we, at, are offering the service to repair and reprogram your ECM and we have been successful in doing so for 5 years now. We go farther than our competitors by working with the whole circuit, not only the problem area. Our job not only fix, but prevent the transmission issues from happening again.

Better than that, we take care of minor problems that our competitors overlook and many times, even the owner of the vehicle is not aware of, like slightly lower fuel economy than normal.

While all the statements above are true, another fact is that we are reworking units that were serviced and attempted to be repaired by any of our competitors when such units fail again. Customers come to us for service when others fail and we gladly accept their units, rework the whole circuit and reprogram it.

In those latter cases, we have been encountering some units that were previously worked out in a specific shop in Florida, USA, and such units are not repairable any longer. We have seen four (4) of them so far and the problem is that in the previous repair attempt, they covered the circuit board with some black, very hard epoxy for no reason, making the unit disposable. Yes, a pricey unit like this, disposable. Disposable because having already seen four (4) units failing again for the the same issues, obviously their job is not accurate, nor successful. Those units have been sent to our shop by customers that no longer trust the mentioned shop in Florida. The bad news is that once the ECM is covered inside with epoxy, the epoxy compound can not be successfully removed without damaging the circuit underneath.

Below are some pictures of the last unit we received, so you can have an idea. If you buy form that Company, you are probably buying what you see in these pictures, which is nothing else but a disposable unit. A disposable unit can surely solve the problem while it works, if it ever does!, but once it fails, and believe me, it won’t take long, your money is going directly to the trash can along with the ECM. Yes, even if they call themselves “scientifics”.

Be safe, only buy the service from the experts at

In the picture below, you can see the bottom of the circuit board with a full block covered with epoxy.

Failed Rav4 ECM full of epoxy - bottom

In the following picture, it is shown the top of the circuit, also with some patches made of the same epoxy. You can see that they even let the epoxy stick to the bottom side of the top aluminum cover. This specific unit had two (2) pieces of dried epoxy, fallen from the aluminum cover, bouncing all around the inside of the ECM when it was moved.

Failed Rav4 ECM full of epoxy - top

This is the label they stick in the ECMs they “service”.

Failed Rav4 ECM full of epoxy - label

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Check Your Car for Problems Before You Sell

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To ensure that your car sells quickly and that you don’t end up with an angry buyer who wants his or her money back after the sale, you should check over the components of your vehicle before you attempt to sell it. If you find a part that’s faulty or failing, get it repaired before you sell your car, or disclose the fact that certain parts will need replacing or repairing. This will make sure that anyone interested in buying your vehicle is aware of any problems and won’t be surprised when …read full article

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RAV4 auto

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Toyota G.B. tell me they will NOT honour the warranty extensions 10 years or 150000 miles on the harsh shifting on RAV4 Auto. Cost of replacing the ECU was just under £1000.

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Update about servicing your RAV4 ECM

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It is been 3 years now, after we started offering a service for repairing the ECM of your 2001-2003 Toyota RAV4, which is presenting a very common problem worldwide, which makes the automatic transmission to shift erratically. The ECM suddenly gets unable to correctly control the automatic shifting operations in the vehicle’s transmission, which is done through solenoids, and it can produce an internal failure in the transmission if it is not corrected on time.

What models does this cover?

This covers all 2001, 2002 and 2003 automatic transmission Toyota RAV4 vehicles, equipped with the 2.0L 1AZ-FE and 1AZ-FSE engines, either 4×4 (All Wheel Drive – AWD) or 4×2 (Front Wheel Drive – FWD).

Is my rav4 a 4 wheel drive? Is my rav4 awd?

If you have no idea if your RAV4 is a 4×4 vehicle (also known as “All Wheel Drive” or “AWD” or “4 Wheel Drive”) or a 4×2 vehicle (also known as “Front Wheel Drive” or “FWD” or “2 Wheel Drive”), it is easy to identify by …read full article

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Engine problems after touching the battery terminal with the ECM of my 1994-1995 BMW 325i

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This is something that happens more often than you may think. We have had customers that ordered a performance chip for their 1993, 1994 or 1995 BMW 325i/525i, and after installing the chip, they have accidentally touched the positive terminal of the car battery with the metal chassis of the ECM, which is a ground, and afterwards, the engine started having problems that will not go away even after replacing the ECM.

The key here is to ALWAYS disconnect the car battery before doing any electrical work. Mostly if working with the ECM, because the battery is in the path of the ECM’s way out. Either inserting or pulling the ECM to or from its bay, there will be a hazard of touching the terminals of the battery with it.

If this has happened to you and your car is having problems with the engine, …read full article

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